Holiday Decorating Contest

What a tangled web we weave
When first we try to light the eave
A jumbled mess of bulbs and wire
Almost enough to uninspire!

But soon enough the job is done
We've even found the burned out one!
We've trimmed the tree and lit the hedge
And even strung the rooftop edge

And the dancing lights, both bright and clear
Mean the holidays are finally here!
We want to spend our Merry days
Looking at our Crawford Farms displays.

 So string the lights and spread the cheer

 To help get the holiday spirit in gear,

 The Association is offering prizes this year!

It is time again for the Annual Crawford Farms Holiday Decorating Contest.  Here is the nomination form.  Please email your filled out form to by Friday, December 18th.

(Please only one form per home)

Best Overall: $100.00
Runner-up: $50.00
Best Childrens: $50.00
Best Overall: $100.00
Runner-up: $50.00
Best Childrens: $50.00