No Changes in Watering Schedule

No changes in watering schedule with lifting of Stage 1 drought measures

There are no outdoor watering changes for Fort Worth water customers despite Tarrant Regional Water District’s lifting of Stage 1 drought measures.

In April 2013, the Fort Worth City Council adopted maximum twice-per-week watering as a year-round conservation measure. By contract, the communities that purchase treated water from Fort Worth are required to adopt the same measure. In addition, the prohibition, adopted in 2007, on watering any day between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. remains in effect.

For nearly two years, ratepayers have been limited to twice-per-week watering. Customers are much more aware of the finite nature of water supplies. Outdoor watering behaviors have changed, and the Fort Worth Water Department expects to see that behavior be the new norm. Many people have changed their plant selections to drought-tolerant varieties and have come to realize their yards can survive with less water.

All lakes are above capacity except for Lake Bridgeport, which is still about 14 feet low. The good news is Lake Bridgeport rose about 10 feet in one week. Water is flowing over the spillway at Lake Worth for the first time in eight years.

Stage 1 measures were implemented in June 2012.