June Board of Directors Meeting

As a homeowner in Crawford Farms HOA, you are hereby given notice of the Board Meeting scheduled for June 27, 2019 to be held at 9800 Hillwood Pkwy, Ste 210, Fort Worth, TX 76177. The Open Session will be held at 7pm, and Owners are welcome to attend and observe. The Executive Session will be held at 6pm, and is a closed meeting of the Board of Directors. Minutes for both sessions will be published for homeowner review on https://crawfordfarms.connectresident.com .

Click the image above for the approved agenda for this upcoming meeting. It may also be found at https://crawfordfarms.connectresident.com

For any who are unable to attend the meeting; please see details below for the conference call:

For dialing-in only:

Toll Free Conference Call #


Access Code 7595897