Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) consists of three members who are each appointed by the Crawford Farms Homeowners Association Board.  The duty of the ACC is to review homeowner plans to change, paint, improve, add to or repair the outside of their homes and outside structures in order to ensure consistency within our development.

Crawford Farms has a great reputation and is a wonderful place to live.  The ACC helps maintain that level of excellence.  The goal of the ACC is to approve homeowner plans that are consistent with the covenants and guidelines as well as with neighborhood norms and standards.  

The ACC assists the Board in making sure everyone follows the covenants and guidelines.  The guidelines are easily accessed by clicking the link listed below.  They have been approved by the HOA Board of Directors and have legal standing.  If you do not obtain prior approval and/or do not meet the standards you could be legally forced to correct or remove your work.  Let the ACC take a look at your plans to help make sure everything is in order before you begin your project.


  • Don Alcott

  • Bill Henderson


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