Safety Committee

The Safety Committee organizes a neighborhood crime watch and works with the local police department to help prevent crime and communicate community safety concerns. The committee also works with the City on traffic issues including cross walks, school zones, speed limit signs, etc.

Although we consider Crawford Farms to be a safe place to live and raise our families, there is some limited criminal activity going on around us, from vandalism of automobiles to break-ins.

To reach the Police Department in the case of a non-emergency, please call 817-335-4222.

Crawford Farms' is a part of the Fort Worth North Patrol Division and our local Police substation is located at: 7451 North Beach Street, Fort Worth, TX 76137.  The Neighborhood Police Officer contact for Crawford Farms is Officer Billy Ward: 817-692-4199.

Neighborhood Watch Street Captains

  • Volunteer position as a street leader for neighbors to notify in the event of a safety issue

Code Blue (Citizens on Patrol)

Golden Triangle

  • Volunteers patrol our streets as the eyes & ears for the Ft Worth PD
  • Currently & for the last 4 years, members of the Golden Triangle group have watch Crawford Farms
  • Interested citizens (Ft Worth) may apply by application, upon approval go through 8 hours of classroom & 4 hours of ride with a patrol officer
  • If you are interested in volunteering for Code Blue, contact Greg Milini at (817) 366-1407


  • Ace Gere


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