Pool Opening

Hurray! The pool will open Saturday, May 28, 2016.  Please note that this is a later date than last year to allow for the Splash Pool installation. Pool hours will be 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week. The included list of pool rules (also posted at the pool) is to maximize everyone’s enjoyment of the facilities and to create a positive environment for all.  Use of the pool is “swim-at-your-own-risk;” lifeguards will not be provided.  The pool closes September 30th for the season.  

The recreation facilities, including the swimming pools, playground, and restrooms, are private property owned by the association. Please treat the area with extreme care.  

Please do not be offended if someone asks you if you live “in the neighborhood” or “what street you live on.”  Not only is this a way to get to know new neighbors, it also protects against non-members using the facility.  As the neighborhood continues to grow, it is virtually impossible to recognize and know ALL of your neighbors and for them to recognize you.  Please understand that your neighbors are looking out for you and your facilities.  

Reservations are available for small groups.  The purpose of the reservation system is to prevent anyone from accidentally ‘double-booking’ the pool or planning an event on the same day.  Reservations are on a first-come first-serve basis.  Any party or event at the pool/pavilion area cannot be exclusive; association members have access to the pool during all operational hours.  All parties are responsible for cleaning up and disposing of all trash, debris or related items.  Email fwreservations.tx@fsresidential.com to reserve the pool.

The cost to replace and lost or stolen pool card is $20.  Please email fwreservations.tx@fsresidential.com, call 817-380-7000 x101 or fax a request to 817-380-7011.  One card is issued at no cost at the time a home is purchased and if you would like to purchase a second card, the fee is also $20.  The maximum number of pool cards per household is TWO (2).

*** Your pool card will work from year to year – you do not need a new card each year. ***

We are very receptive to recommendations from homeowners on what we can do to help keep the pool open and communicate safety concerns.  As always, please call me with any questions or concerns you have about the pool, community maintenance, or the association.

Chelsea Faxon
Association Manager
FirstService Residential