February Events Calendar

Your February Events Calendar is here! To view, please click the “View 1 Attachment” link at the bottom of this e-mail.

Recess at the Park – Wednesday, February 8, 11AM
Grab your little sweetheart and join us at the park for a love-bug craft, and sweet treat!

Wine & Chocolate Couples Night – Friday, February 7, PM
Get to know other adults in your neighborhood at the first Couples Night in Crawford Farms. Bring your favorite bottle of wine (or your favorite drink of choice) and chocolate to share!

Please RSVP for more information.

Sweetheart Stroll – Saturday, February 11, PM. At the Pond
Take a run or walk around the pond with your sweetheart(s). Be sure to treat yourself at the sweet bar, take home a polaroid, and strike a pose in the photo booth!

Woodworking Workshop – Saturday, February 25, 1-3PM
Get crafty and build a personalized toolbox with your neighbors, this will be a fun activity for children and adults! Please RSVP with your kids names so that we can provide a sticker of their name to put on their project!

Space will be limited, so please RSVP as soon as possible.

To view an example of the type of tool box that will be made please view the attached image at the bottom of this e-mail.