Storm Damage and Your HOA

We know that all are recovering from the spring storms last night.  We have been out assessing the property, and have been in touch with the association’s contractors to begin the process of remedying any damage to association property.

We know that your homes were affected too, and saw that many fences, roofs and trees were damaged.  The association knows that it will take time to work with the insurance companies on making the necessary repairs.

A few reminders:

- Please try to remove any trees blocking sidewalks or right-of-ways within 48 hours.  This will ensure that it is safe for all residents walking or driving in the community. 

- If you have pets, please ensure temporary fencing is up while repairs are happening, so that we don’t have any lost family members.

- Many of you will be approached by contractors wanting to perform the repairs.  For the care of your home, make sure that you take the time to research contractors and work with your neighbors on recommendations. 

- Repairs that make no changes to the original design or color of roofs and fences may happen right away.  We recommend that you contact our Customer Care Center at 877-378-2388 to alert us to these replacements, so that we can make a note in your account.

- Repairs that make changes to the original design or color MUST HAVE architectural approval. 

- Fences between neighbors are a shared maintenance responsibility.  Please work with your neighbors to make the necessary repairs to ensure the safety and value of every home in the community is protected.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.