A Message from the Board of Directors

From time to time, some situations present themselves at a crossroads and we as a board must make challenging decisions in the best interest of the community.  Our charge is to be a good steward of the community’s finances, while protecting our property values.  The most recent issue before us was the maintenance at the sports courts.  The repetitive damage to this area (specifically the basketball court) has become an annual expense.  Looking at a 5-year snapshot, Crawford Farms averages $2,000/year in repairs just to this area for a total close to $10,000.  This year, in lieu of a $7,000 repair/replacement of the severely damaged fencing around the basketball court, we elected to have just this portion of fence removed in a 4-1 vote.  While the availability of the sports courts is attractive to new homeowners, and original owners alike, recently they have been attracting patrons that are causing significant damage to this area.  In the last 5 years, the community has paid for replacement of rims, nets, back-boards, lighting, gate-access, fence repairs all of which have not been to normal wear and tear but due to vandalism.  This action is an effort to alleviate future repairs to this specific area.     


The fence around the tennis court will remain intact and will be maintained as the damage to this area has been significantly less.  The board may consider removal of that fence in the future if the vandalism does not subside and repair costs rise.