Harvey Relief Toiletry Packing Event

Crawford Farms residents are getting together at the sports courts from 4pm – 6pm to pack Harvey Relief toiletry kits!

Below are items still needed. Thank you!

Items marked as "need" can mostly be found in the boxes up at the Dollar Tree on Beach near Golden Triangle.
-Travel size Shampoo/conditioner combo (need 78) 
-Washcloth (need 18)
-Deodorant (need 134)
-Bandaids (need 670 count)
-Tissues (need 2 travel packs)

Wants but not *needs*:
-Hand sanitizer (need 126)
-Chapstick (need 96)

Items you have rocked and are completely fulfilled!!
-Soap (fulfilled)
-Toothbrush (fulfilled)
-Toothpaste (fulfilled)
-Comb (fulfilled)
For the ladies packs:
-Tampons or pads (fulfilled)
-Hair ties (fulfilled)
**Gallon zip top bags (fulfilled-low priority, but will take more as standalone donation)