Dogs off Leash

From the First Service Residential and the HOA Board of Directors:

A heartbreaking report was brought to the attention of management and we wanted to take the opportunity to address our neighbors personally. 


Leashes laws are in place to protect everyone.  There are endless scenarios that can occur when dogs meet.  The scariest scenario is one of violence.  Recently, a neighbor in Crawford Farms had such an encounter and a beloved family dog lost its life. 


We understand that owners want their dogs to have the extra freedom that comes from not being tethered.  Having positive control over the situation with a leash can be the difference between life and death.  Please also keep in mind those neighbors that may have experienced trauma from a dog or just do not want to be around a dog that is not leashed.  


Fort Worth Animal Control says “When a dog is being walked or with its owner off its property, the dog must be on a leash and accompanied by the owner at all times. If the dog is without a leash or not accompanied by the owner, it is considered unrestrained and is in violation of the restraint ordinance.”


Please report any dog not on a leash to animal control by calling 817-392-1234 or filling out the electronic form at  You may be saving that dog’s life and reuniting a family with their pet at the same time.